1. 🌸🌸🌸
    baby alligators
    in the sewers
    grow up fast
    grow up fast
    anything you want
    it can be done now
    did you go bad?

  2. scared of my own shadow #daydreampropaganda

  3. #daydreampropaganda
    If I’m gonna talk
    I just wanna talk
    Please don’t interrupt
    Just sit back and listen
    Cause I can’t face the evening straight
    You can offer me escape
    Houses move and houses speak
    If you take me there you’ll get relief…

  4. paved paradise
    put up a parking lot

  5. self reflection

  6. damienmaloney:

    damnnnn Rob

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  7. This girl

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  8. highschoolpoppers:

    Early Summer

    Westport, CT



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  9. yassoubenedict:

    Not all who wander are lost

    J R R Tolkien

    Slip away into the fits and dreams of city and seaside, monuments and mountains. If you feel yourself falling in love keep going, if you feel the cold water rush up, keep going. 

    Our deepest thanks to Gary Yost 



  10. amyharrity:

    The Silvecrest Donut Shop 

    Enjoy the blues. Don’t follow the blues.

    Photograph by Amy Harrity

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  11. highschoolpoppers:

    Dog Day Afternoon

    -Highschool Poppers

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  12. Arcade Fire

  13. the dream is here

    Photographes by Amy Harrity 

    I was never alone
    in the stories we told 
    I was always the savior
    in reality 
    you were always mine
    when I was young and the world
    infinitely expanding 
    I collected secrets 
    I did battle
    with the crushing thrust of oblivion 
    we wander the presidio 
    shivering in the moist light of predawn
    you flick the lighter and I inhale 
    we add our toxic breath to the salty air
    here we are the secret
    there is no need for fairytales
    the city sleeps deep in our pockets 
    we watch a fisherman cast his line
    off the cliffs 
  14. damienmaloney:

    Lilie, 2014

    Lilie is in Yassou Benedict and does some really incredible things


  15. yassoubenedict:

    # In fits in dreams tour 

    Pt. 4

    How to catch that magic?